February 21, 2009

Unwelcomed Newcomer

*Intro* Last year a new student entered our school from SMK Dindings, I'll call him Deva in this post. This year, he shares my class, 4Sc2. At first impressions he seems to be a nice and polite chap who knows a good deal about computers. However as February unfolds, me and my seating mate Chuah (maybe others too, but I dunno) are starting to see the, erm, not-so-nice side of him, or to me, the VERY ANNOYING side of him. So annoying to the extent I'm having this urge to blog about him. (Hey, Deva, if you're reading this, tough luck.)

He cant shut up. He just cant zip his mouth. Even when its clear that me and Chuah are busy doing our work, he just cant help but engage conversation. I do my work for 2 minutes, he bugs us for 5 minutes. When I tell him that we are busy, he keeps quiet. Later in the day, he'll be back when we're busy, bugging us some more. He's even willing to walk across the class to our desks just to talk. Look, we have our heads down, pens up and hands writing, isnt it obvious enough we want to do our work? Does he need to be whacked on the head to even take a hint?

Last, Wednesday, our BM teacher gave us a rather odd karangan to do, with even weirder contents to write the karangan. What does Deva do? comes to my desk, and tells me about his disagreements with the teacher's work. I keep telling and telling him to just go back, do his work, since its a 500+ word karangan we have to do, and let me do my work. He didnt budge!!! He kept yapping on and on andonandonandonandon until everything became "blablablablablabla" stuffings in my head. I had to grimace just for the sake of hiding my annoyed face.

I pity my friend Chuah too. He isnt spared the firng line either. He keeps getting bombarded by all sorts of questions about all sorts of things from him. Even more pitiful is that Deva keeps yip-yapping about topics Chuah isnt interested in. Even when Chuah mentions this, Deva keeps on talking!! He's like a fly to us like rotten cheese. Everytime we see him coming across the class, we both know what he wants. More often than not, all his topics are not too our liking. And this is what we're like when he comes over:

He also has this habit of taking one of our newspapers, WITHOUT PERMISSION. HOW RUDE IS THAT? There was one time, I was reading, and he was (sitting opposite diagonally to me) tugging on the very page I'm reading. Cant you at least ask to share?????

Hey, in fact, we arent the only victims here. In class, maybe 3 out of 5 days, AT LEAST ONCE IN A DAY, he will be interrupting teacher teaching us. Interrupt? How? By asking lots and lots andlotsandlotsandlotsandlots of questions. Oh, Come on, PLEASE, you scored 7As in PMR, how can you not understand anything at all?!??? Dont you know you waste precious time in our class because of your endless questions??? Regardless, if it's Bio, Physics, Modern Maths, BM, Accounts, whatever, he's just......

One day.... somebody's gonna have to come down hard on him with the truth about all this....


  1. Ya.... iy's very true...
    It's pure torture even when I see him walking over to me...
    I was like..."Please, dun come near me... It's awful to hear your buzzing.."
    I mean COME ON...Argghhh....!!!!
    Watever this blog is about rather sums up all my frustrations over him...
    God... There's still people like him one arh..??!!?? huh...

  2. Hey Deric! Yumie jie jie here. I don't even know you blog! XD Long time no chat wor.. =)

  3. Hie jie jie!! :D :D How you noe i blog leh?? my kor kor tell you isit?

    ya, long time no chat, everytime MSN oso you put status busy or away... hng.