December 30, 2008

Bersusah-susah dahulu, bersenang-senang kemudian....

So it goes this famous Malay proverb, work hard (and maybe even suffer) at first, and enjoy the fruits of labour when it is sweetest.

I have to admit, the last 2 months following up to the PMR was nothing short of pure torture. All the long hours staring at books, the many dribbles of ink I've drained doing BM essay practices, the shortage of tv, internet, music, etc. Gosh, its like stripping Superman of his red cape. I, reveal here for the first time, I was actually on the verge (thank goodness I didn't) of a meltdown from all this pressure.

What pressure? It was this urge inside telling me I have to keep pushing to get the best results, if I let of the teeniest bit, 7As will go out the window. My BM and History have always been the goddammit bugging weaknesses I had since Form 1. This urge to iron out these bugs, am I some sort of perfectionist? :P Maybe it's just the plain ol' never-give-up spirit. Kiasu, you say? Not a chance.

This spirit, which kicked in only after I got my trial results (4A 3B- B for History, BM and Maths [dont ask what happened]). Then only did the real flame ignite within, and my room gets flooded with revision books, and the sweat (literally) starts to run down my face. For the whole of September, I swear, I wasnt my normal self. I would over react to any dips in performance from my practices, I was quiet, I frowned alot, the list goes on. The PMR can do strange things to you.... (~_<)

Or was it because I was thinking too much of this relatively small exam? when we look at it, tens of thousands of students could reach for full As, why not I? Since im doing rather well in class, only having some slight problems with BM and History, and those are only Bs, not Ds and Es. Maybe its these small blemishes that make my mind think its some sort of big failure, to not get full As in what looks like an easy exam. I kept thinking "What if I cant? No, my grades arent going up, I cant get 7As, no, its so easy, I cannot not score full As, but I'm not improving". Nonetheless, I kept working, studying, revising, practicing, and do the everything I could to get the best possible results. Then came the PMR, just put to use everything I had learnt over 3 years, put to use all the practicing I've done, make the best of my months of effort.....

And so, all that effort has paid off, and so it is 7As. Well done to all the others who scored high, or above their expectations, and to those who didnt fair too well, this isnt your death, you just have to pick up the pieces and keep working hard, and not to give up. You still got SPM, it aint over just yet. I finally get to replace my ancient phone with a new (not really, to most tech geeks out there) slick and shiny Nokia 6300.
Thanks to Mum, (also for the new phone and racket! :D ) Dad, Bro, and family for their support throught out my PMR erm, "campaign" :P, and teachers for their endless help and guidance for us facing the PMR.

A nice 2MP camera (finally), colour screen (finally), music player (finally), a phone that wont humiliate me (finally), and finally (finally), a gadget that I can call, a proper mobile phone!!!!

Adding to that, my Pro Ace racket has got a new room mate, the Apacs Nanospeed 777. Stiffer, lighter, better looking, can;t wait to try it. My first tries at using the camera are below (no macro setting, so close ups are lil bit blur)....

And lastly, I would like to wish everyone, everywhere, a Happy and Prosperous New Year 2009!

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