November 18, 2008

*ring ring *deedle deedle *still spoilt for choice.....

If you feel I'm being materialistic, over-confident, or show-off-like in this post, then all my sincerest apologies in advance......

Well, my PMR wishlist has been around for quite sometime, and the list is dominated by handphones. Go look up Nokia 3610 in Google Images, and then ignore the search result which shows a clamshell phone. Yep, thats my current b*gger of a phone. Behaving erratically since early this year, turning itself off, telling me my simcard is not inserted, freezing, and at times all at once; and even one time refusing to recharge. I really feel its about time to dump this 7-9 year old phone for something new and up to date. At times even amongst all my friends with their modern, fancy high-spec phones, I felt inferior and futile when I look down at my colourless mobile. Maybe that's just me, but look, we're heading toward 2010 here, people! Not 2000!!!!!

For my other friends who still cling on to an old phone like mine, if you insist that you can do fine without a new and modern budget phone even, then I won't force you.

For those who don't even have handphones, well, my apologies if you can't afford one, or your parents/relatives are way paranoid about you owning one. It's a damn must to have one in today's society, when we're spending a lot of time outside home; tuition, sports, etc. A handphone today is not an accessory, but a necessity, especially in emergency situations or any other urgent business.

So, my list. Comprises of the following :

7A- Nokia 6300 OR Sony E. K550i

6A- Nokia 5220 Xpress Music OR Sony E. K530i

5A- Nokia 3500 Classic

If you happen to question my choice, here's why. I've restricted myself to a maximum RM550 budget. No need for an over-the top phone. I only need to make calls, SMS, and (mainly) have a decent camera for those special events, and for viewing on the computer. Big bro, friends, and my own studies tell me a 2MP camera will happily mark this checkbox for me.

Well, maybe it's not really the best thing to have "OR" in any wishlist, but I'm VERY spoilt for choice over these phones. That's me, not picky, not choosy. :P Why am I spoilt? I'll list the main points of all these phones except the 3500. If I left out any details/ made mistakes, do remind me please

N6300- My personal choice, and because they make durable, long lasting phones. My 3610 is testimonial to that. Also has 8x zoom. That is A LOT!!! Not only that, it also has a maximum SMS space limit of 1000, ONE THOUSAND characters!!! That really is A LOT! Read that the night mode feature covers for lack of flash. Friends tell me though, phones today aren't as durable as they used to. Reviews about the overall camera performance is somewhat mixed. Most websites say the camera is good, but says it's mediocre. Any help for me on this?

N5220- Maybe I have this personal admiration for Nokia phones. Good music player. Decent camera, since it's more music oriented. 400 hours standby time. The longest in my list. Thats some 16 1/2 days. Niiice,
considering my current one lasts only 3-4 days. :D Also has a 1000 SMS space limit like the N6300. Lack of flash, and auto-focus. So that maybe is not so good a thing.

SE K550i- This phone uses CyberShot technology used in it's digital cameras. Which means really nice quality shots. Has flash AND nightmode, plus auto focus. And a lens cover, for extra extra protection. Sounds yummy.
This has the 2nd lowest (above the 6300) standby time of 350 hours. But 14 days is still a heck a long time for me, so I dont really mind. For some reason though, said the photo quality is a letdown. Maybe they over estimated it's capabilities. Help here please! One thing I don't like is the short 2.25x zoom. What if I spot a really cool Ferrari a distance away???? :( Also, it only has a maximum 160-180 SMS character limit. Even my 3610 can beat that (459 spaces). Shame, really shame, since I tend to send SMSes longer than that.

SE K530i- Has 600 minutes talktime and 395 hours standby compared to the K550i's 420 and 350 respectively. Has night mode, which I hope covers the lack of flash. 2.5x zoom isn't really promising to me. Lacking CyberShot technology too if I'm not wrong. Same SMS space limit like the K550i, 160-180 spaces.

Well, there you go. My PMR wishlist, and the dilemma I have with my choices. Lets hope I can score high and reach magic #7, along with all you PMR candidates out there. If anyone has any suggestions/comments about my phone choices, or can help me choose the better phone in each category, please do let me know, even if I may not know you.... :D Cheers!

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